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Subir Pal is among one of the best vedic astrologer in India, USA and UK. He is also a reputed astrologer among vedic Astrologers specially in USA and UK, capable to provide you all type of vedic astrological solutions for your life problems. Be it about the love marriage, career choice, business issues, family issues or any other problem related to the aspect of your life.

Destiny along with luck plays a major role in one’s life – that along with efforts made in right direction ensures success. It is important to understand what you are not destined to achieve and avoid running after those things. Instead focus your efforts towards things that are achievable as per your astrological charts and that will bring you success and boost your confidence. After all, success makes one happy and content. Astrologer Subir Pal being a best astrologer in USA can guide you towards the right direction in your life and help see life through a correct path to achieve it.

He has read more than thousands of horoscopes and his guidance and remedies in all important areas of life like career astrology, business astrology, money, love astrology, education astrology, property, marriage astrology, spouse, partnership, luck , personal matters, transfer, health astrology, higher studies etc. and saw smiles on the faces of the astrology guidance seekers. Subir Pal being one of the best astrologer in India is also among the best Indian astrologer in UK.

He is known all over the world for his excellence and best solutions in the world of astrology and is globally recognized for offering top astrology services in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada by best vedic astrologer in USA.

Among the best astrologer in the world, with his accurate horoscope predictions and effective remedies, he got attention from Indians and non Indians who are spread all over the globe. His premier customer is from USA, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, as well as all over India. Best  astrologer in Mumbai  Subir Pal has vast knowledge about indian vedic astrology.

Today’s generation also feels that vedic astrology is a very useful knowledge to understand and know our spouse in advance and for that their horoscope today needs a very good kundli matching or horoscope matching so that they have good compatibility with their spouse. Even the best astrologer in the world and world best astrologer in India also give prime importance to it.

Besides his Astrology qualifications, Subir Pal is also BSc in chemistry, P.G in Textile chemistry has completed his MBA in Marketing.

At first he worked in corporate as General manager administration for 13 years and was actively pursuing his professional astrology side by side on week ends and holidays and for clients from different parts of India and other countries as per the call of the clients after office hours. Astrology eventually transformed his passion into full time profession and now he has been doing it for past 13 years successfully.

He has been practicing KP vedic astrology for the last 23 years with tremendous success. Today he is among top Indian famous vedic astrologer and also considered as best astrologer in USA as well as best vedic astrologer in UK, best vedic astrologer in Australia as he has consulted many and there have many came for consultation thru other’s references.   His predictions on diverse issues have been very helpful to thousands of people who have sought his counseling & advice on their matters and making their lives better.

astrology helps in life transformation



In our life we have several transformations. For example from infant child to mature child, from matured child to youth, from youth to adult.

During our childhood stage we are dependent on our parents and they decide what is good and bad for us and so we lead a carefree life during that stage under the guidance of our parents.

As we grow up and then slowly and gradually start sharing the responsibilities of our parents. This is the phase of transformation in our life.

After the completion of our education generally in most of the families the person look out for career. Then after that comes marriage where we take our generation ahead. It’s again a transformation in life where we accept to take responsibilities further to lead life.

For a female she gives birth to a child to leave her maidenhood to accept the transformation of her to motherhood. A person changes his business to other type of business is again a form of transformation in life.

Guidance of astrology can play a very vital role to help a person for his / her transformation in life. For example a person looking for a kind of job but not getting it and thus getting frustrated can be guided for his favourable field which can give him success and thus getting job would be easy as he is destined for that kind of job.

A person can be guided in advance so that he is not going to face difference of opinions with his wife after marriage, can change or adjust with his own nature so as to minimise the chance of clash in opinions differences.

A remedy or guidance suggested to a person during his change from his business to another type of business will yield him success.

Astrology can be a great tool in providing guidance during this sensitive transformation phase of our life as we can pre plan our course of actions in advance so as to maximize our success and minimize our losses or failures.


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