Rahu and Ketu - rahu ketu remedies


This is a common question that most of the people come across is, how to improve rahu and ketu of one’s horoscope. Some people wants to know how to please rahu and ketu as per their horoscope.

The answer to the question come in an indirect way because one need to understand the basic nature of rahu and ketu. Once the nature is understood then by our own karma ( actions ) we can minimize the negative impact of it.


In vedic astrologer rahu and ketu is considered as one of the strong planet which can give big impact in the life of a person, be it positive or negative.

Basically one need to understand the nature of Rahu and Ketu because its a shadow planet, as it doesn’t own any rashi / zodiac sign in the horoscope / kundli and so it acts like an agent of that house. Rahu likes materialistic pleasure of life. The rahu effect will create an illusion in the mind of the person to take short cuts and unethical path towards success. Rahu’s nature of achieving results is by hook or crook.

It is seen that due to this nature the person effected by rahu often get trapped into problems. The lust for materialistic pleasure will force the person to choose an easy unethical way to achieve it. It is because of this greedy nature of rahu for enjoying materialistic pleasure actually demotivates a person from study and therefore a person cannot concentrate himself for study.


In general it is seen that students with negative running mahadasha will get attract towards addictions, sex, enjoyments, gambling, unhealthy food habbits, cheating in exams, waking whole night and sleeping whole day, mixing with bad group of people, people will lie very much during this negative rahu mahadasha period, breaking of good relations, laziness and developing a habit of keeping works in pending for doing it next day.

This is a reason why most astrologers says that rahu mahadasha is not good for education.
This is a general view and it will vary from person to person as there are many other factors that can put its impact on the result of rahu.


Once a person understands the nature of rahua and try NOT to get distracted by the materialistic pleasure and achieving success thru short cut means, one can definitely minimize the negative influence of rahu on him.
More accurately can be told about rahu only after reading the horoscope, as it will reflect accurate information of rahu and accordingly acting on it, can reduce the negative impact of its influences.


Ketu is exactly OPPOSITE of rahu and it will repel a person away from the materialistic world as if he had already enjoyed before in his life and have the experience of it and understood that there is nothing it in so there is no need to get indulge into the act again.

So both the planet if signify bad houses in the horoscope will spoil the events that they are signifying by over doing their act and thereby causing harm to the native going thru the influence of their negative ruling.

These activations can happen during rahu mahadash or ketu mahadasha or rahu antardasha or ketu antardasha period. The rahu and ketu transit can also cause problems, during which they can activate the negative signifying houses for an events.


THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL OR RAHU KETU REMEDIES IS, THRU OUR OWN SELF REALISATION. This because when Rahu or Ketu influence a person in a negative way then they DO NOT allow the native to think much about the consequences of their actions.

Under their negative influences people will ACT first without thinking much and then repent for their actions.

SO when a person understand about the negative influence of this planets on him / her then such person should think thrice before taking a call on their action pertaining to the actions under the influences of this planets.

For example when a person is influence by greed of some materialistic pleasure ( again for example alcohol or drugs ) then they should think thrice the impact of that pleasure on their body later on. Initially they will enjoy BUT later on this will cripple their body.


For example a person not wanting to work and earn money and spent the whole of the day doing nothing and staying alone. Not even bothering to take bath and eat food in time. Whole day they like to be alone and sleep. ( this is an example when Ketu influence in a negative way and influence the house of karma ). If one understands this then he can very well work hard and his work will act as ketu remedies.

Under this kind of circumstances self-realization will and can be of great help to the person himself.

HE should stop himself from that kind of action which will give him problem in later stage of life and thus can over-come the negative influence of RAHU AND KETU AND THUS IMPROVE IT TO GET BETTER RESULT OUT OF IT.