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In our life we all go thru ups and downs as per our destiny. We approach astrologer to know about our future as astrology can predict about past, present and future events. Astrology has become a guide for better tomorrow for the people as they can pre plan their course of actions in advance by knowing about events.

Vedic astrological remedies plays a very important role in vedic astrology in helping people to minimize the negative effects of the planets that is effecting their events in life.

In my experience as a professional vedic astrologer I have found that astrological remedies cannot change destiny of a person. Destiny is fixed the moment we took birth, we cannot change or alter it. Vedic astrological remedies only can minimize the intensity of the negative impact of the planets that is effecting a person.

If it happen so then every vedic astrologer would have done the remedies for himself first and have a good day doing nothing.


Yes vedic astrological remedies are effective and people do experience good results too. The effect cannot be quantified and it will differ from person to person because of the position of the planets in their vedic horoscope.  


Remedies are nothing but practical, mystical or psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past negative karma. Our Destiny is shaped by our past karmic actions. Remedies involve doing something or abstaining from doing something; this action or inaction is a karma in itself! So when one undertakes to do some remedy, he is actually is embarking to reverse some bad karma of the past. When he does remedies for strengthening the weak benefic planets, he is essentially boosting their effectiveness by doing some more good karma. Our fate is decided by our karma; we can use our free will to take the remedial measures.

Remedies cannot change one’s destiny but can minimize the negative impact of it. Astrological remedies can also be a simple guidance also which a person should follow or put up in his future plan of actions in advance so as to minimize the negative impact of that period of time and get himself ready to face that situation.

Suppose a person will lose his job in certain period of time according to prediction given by the vedic astrologer, then that person can plan well in advance by saving money to sustain during his jobless period. So this becomes astrological remedies for wealth.



Sanskrit mantras are energy-based sounds possessing vibrational and resonating powers. Mantras are connected to a particular planet or a deity representative of that planet and different mantas have varying potencies. Mantra chanting is called ‘Japa’. Each mantra is asked to enchant for a stipulated number of times and the vibrations power generated by the mantra will act to pacify that deity or planet representing that mantra.


A geometrical design or some text writing is inscribed on some metal ( generally copper ) or Bhoj patra ( bark of the tree Betula Utillis found mostly in the forest and Himalayan region ). It has to be written with the pen made of the branches of the particular tree only. The ink has to be made by crushing particular leave and or some roots of plants or and trees. Yantras too reverberate energy in varied ways after doing puja rituals of it.


A gemstone in form of ring or locket is given to worn. The gemstone of the particular planet catches the vibrations of that planet and impart them to our body. This in turn minimize the negative effect of the malefic planet. There are rituals prescribed for ring wearing gemstone according to shastra. Its easy and can be done by common people.


This includes prayers, rituals, worship of deities, yagya (sacrificial fire), yatras (trips to sanctified places), etc.
Pooja and hawan are the also effective remedy to solve out the adverse effect of planets. Pooja nd hawan produced power to flush out the negative impact of bad planets. In Puja and hawan, using of special mantras and material makes please the deity or the planet to minimize its negative impact. Performing of Pooja & upaye done at home or outside by knowledgeable person called pujari.


This kind of remedies are in lakhs and vary from region to region. This is a easy practice that can be performed by common people. The effectiveness of its depended on the person’s faith and believe on it. As there are lakhs of totka so you can’t say which one is real and which is fake. As these all are not imparted by well know people and neither there are big granths ( old vedic scripture ) specially devoted to this knowledge. Today fake remedies seller design such totka according to the person and make the quite attractive and catchy to make money out of it Because you have no tool to judge its authencity.

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