can i become an actor

This is a horoscope analysis of a native questioning can I become an actor as per astrology and have success in film industry as per astrology  and want to know his good time to start his acting career.

To study the career & success and career in acting one need to study the planetary combinations required in the horoscope to become an actor or actress and make career in film industry.

There are various astrological combinations for successful career in acting in horoscope to become an actor. Astrological factors for career in film industry has to studied first in the horoscope analysis.

According to the birth details DOB 26–5–1993 at 01:03 PM in Bangalore, India,  the analysis is done according to KP vedic astrology padhatti / system.

To study for the question can I become an Actor in the horoscope one need to study the 10th house cuspal sublord, the 5th house cuspal sublord and the karka of art venus.

In a horoscope the 5th house also denote art and in the field of art there are many other field and one of the field is also acting. The 10th house of the horoscope denote the profession of a person and there are many profession thru which a person earn his money.

can i become an actor horoscope

5th house horoscope analysis

The 5th cuspal sublord is jupiter and its strongly signifying 1,5 and 8th house as jupiter is also untenanted, 11 and 12th house in nakshtra level and strongly signifying 1 and 9th house in sublord level as its untenanted.

10th house horoscope analysis

The 10th cuspal sublord is venus and its strongly signifying 3,8 and 10th house as venus is untenanted, 2,10 and 11th house in nakshtra level and strongly signifying 1,5 and 8th house in sublord level.

Mahadasa analysis

The current mahadasa is ketu and its started its period from 2-09-2020 to 01-09-2027. The mahadasa lord ketu is signifying strongly 1,2,3,5,10 and 11th house in the planet level as it is untenanted, 11 and 12th house in nakshtra level and 2,10 and 1st house in sublord level.

Total horoscope analysis to know can I become an actor

The native is running a feebly supporting mahadasa period which will bring him many opportunities like scenario from the art industries and he will also get inclined towards the film industry very much. The mahadasa period is creating an environment of such that the native will get attracted towards the feild of acting.

From the analysis it is seen that few of the planets are weakly supporting for the field of art and even the mahadasa period also not supporting very strongly and a person can not get success if the said event is not promised in the horoscope. The native may get few openings as the mahadasa period is showing some feeble support  but the success rate is not encouraging and hence can not have a long run in this career. It is seen that the native will definitely try to have some taste and experience of the industry.

The combinations of the planets in the horoscope can give opportunities in the field of art but not as an actor in film industry. For having a successful career in acting one need to have planetary support  astrological combinations in the horoscope.

 To be an actor the horoscope should make strong promised and equally mahadasa should also support, then only a person can be a successful actor.

Here the analysis do not show any strong support for acting profession and so the native can not become an actor. If the native tries then it will lead to frustration in life unnecessarily. Astrology is a guide for better tomorrow so I should use its guidance for his better prosperity.

can i become an actor