when I will get married


This was the question put up by a lady as she was facing hurdles and her marriage was not materializing.

Marriage prediction by date of birth according to vedic astrology can give answers to your questions like when will I get married, why my marriage gets delayed ? what age will I get married ? will I have love or arranged marriage ?
The guidance is very helpful in planning your plan of actions for future.

when will i get married

This is a horoscope of a native having Vrishabha lagna / taurus ascendant with mars and ketu in 6th house, saturn in 7th house, mercury in 8th house, venus jupiter and sun in 9th house, moon in 11th house and rahu in 12th house.
Moon is in revati nakshtra in meena rashi / pisces zodiac. The current running mahadasa lord is sun.

In order to study the event of marriage in a horoscope then on need to study the 7th cuspal sublord. If the marriage is promised in the horoscope then we need to study the mahadasa lord to see the impact of it on the native to decide the timing of the event.For marriage the 7th cuspal sublord need to signify the 7,2,5 and 11th house as 7th house is the house of marriage, the 2nd house is the family and the significance of the 2nd house is that it shows increase of member in the family, 5th house is of love romance and of-course of childbirth and 11th house is the house of wish fulfillment.

7th house horoscope analysis

The 7th cuspal sublord is rahu and its signifying 6,7,11 and 12th house in the planet level, 1,5,6,7,8 and 12th house in nakshtra level and 2,5 and 8th house in sublord level.

Mahadasa analysis

The current running mahadasa is sun started from 27–9–2016 to 26–9–2022.

Sun is aspected by saturn from 7th house and sun is in conjunction with jupiter and venus. Since the latitude degree difference between the sun and jupiter is more so sun and jupiter conjunction is not considered.

The latitude degree difference between sun and venus is with in 8 degree, so the sun and venus conjunction is considered. So as per conjunction with venus, sun will also give the results of the signification of the house of venus as 1,6 and 8th house.

So sun will signify extra 3,1,6 and 8th house apart from its own significations.

Sun is signifying strongly 4 and 8th house in planet level as sun is in its own nakshtra, 6,9 and 10th house in the next level and 2,5 and 8th house in the sublord level.

Here sun mahadasa is strongly signifying 4 and 8th house and in the nakshtra level also there is signification of the 6th house. These are the houses which negate the event to happen.
So in-spite of promised of marriage in the horoscope the marriage will not happen as the mahadasa lord planet do not show the happening of the event during its ruling period.
The next mahadasa will be moon starting from 27–9–2022 to 26–9–2032.

Moon is strongly signifying 3 and 11th house in the panet level as moon is untenanted, 2,5 and 8th house in nakshtra level and 8,9 and 11th house in the sublord level.

Here in the moon mahadasa the much required houses to qualify for the event of marriage is given by moon itself by signifying 11th house which is considered as the house of wish fulfillment.

In the nakshtra level also it is qualifying for the marriage event to happen by 2 and 5th house. In the sublord level also the much needed 11th house got qualified for the marriage to take place. The presence of 8th house will keep creating worries in the mind of the native till she gets married but definitely will not spoil the marriage event. 

Full horoscope analysis to know when will I get married

From the analysis it is seen that the native will face many hurdles in getting married as few of the planets are non supportive for the event. In general traditional astrology when saturn is placed in 7th house then there will be issues with the marriage.
The native will get married but late.

For the determining the delivery of the event the current mahadasa period lord i.e sun is not supportive for the event. So we have to forget sun mahadas period.
Marriage will take place in moon mahadasa as moon is supporting the marriage event and it will be between 27–12–2026 to 27–7–2028 ( In between one and a half year period ).

My best wishes to the native for her bright future.

when will i get married