rahu ketu


In order to understand the importance of Rahu and Ketu in our life, firstly one need to understand the nature of Rahu and Ketu.

The understanding of their nature will help in deep understanding them in our lives.


Rahu is a greedy planet and believes in experiencing all kind materialistic pleasure of life, a law breaker in the society who do not believes in living like every people live in the society. A short cut finder to every work he undertakes.

Rahu is an illusionist and can fake things which are not real and that is the reason why rahu is smoky in nature as has got the great adaptability to change its shape as per the requirement and thus called as polymorphic ( Bhaurupi ).


Ketu on the other hand is exactly opposite of rahu, who believes materialistic pleasure as waste time, as the experience is only temporary and so it sacrifices the materialistic experiences and is spiritual in nature. Ketu believes in truth and try to re-invent oneself thru different quest of life. Ketu understands the meaning of doing penance to know the truth of the unknown.

Ketu actually seek and prefer solitude and loves to being alone, and remember that self-isolation is not loneliness, it just means you are taking time for yourself between regular social interactions.


Understanding the greed of rahu in positive and progressive way, Rahu is the driving force in our life.

Here we are understanding the greed of rahu in very very pure form as it gives rise to desire and it drive an individual for its achievement.

A man dreams to become an owner of a company, created a desire which drove him to that path to succeed as an owner of a company.

The father of a family works hard to see his family in comfort as he desires his children to achieve best in life. Here the desire act as the driving force of rahu in a pure form.

There are many rich people / industrialist in this world, do have the rahu driven qualities in them.

Ketu is the sacrificing force in our life when we try to understand Ketu is positive and progressive way.

In a very poor family one can find mother giving her share of food to her children so that they do not cry because of hunger. She does that sacrifice as she knew it is not a permanent act and a temporary fast is not bad for health, but definitely needed for her children as they are small / younger and priority is very important.

The mother feels very satisfied after her sacrifice of food and she do not even remember that she did not eat that day as she can detach herself from materialistic pleasure.

Here the detachment from materialistic pleasure is driving force of Ketu.

From the example one can understand how rahu and ketu gives their impact in our life and how they are so important.

Here I have emphasised the pure form of the nature of rahu and ketu ( try to understand my word ).

There are many NGOs who works selflessly for the community without caring for their own comfort and good style living.

Now one can see in our every day life the role of rahu and ketu and their importance as per astrology also.

In this article I did not mean that there is no contribution of other planets. Of-course other planets also contribute to give a full meaning to a personality / nature and events in one’s life, but one of the driving force for a particular event and personality / nature in our life is this rahu and ketu.