rahu mahadasha - rahu mahadasha remedies


In learning about rahu mahadasha effects, it is very important to first understand the nature of rahu and once one understands and learn about its nature then it become very easy to understand its effects on an individual.

Most uncertain planet is rahu and so is his ruling mahadasha period. During this period a person can suddenly get a leap in life without much effort. He himself will be surprise when he looks back at his life. It is because of Rahu’s nature.


Rahu mahadasha effects is such that in overnight Rahu has got the power to make a poor person rich and a rich person poor. A poor person getting a lottery will suddenly become rich and a rich man loosing all his money in gambling and becoming poor.


Rahu is considered as a smoky planet and thus it can acquire any shape as per the object ( situation ). In other word to understand is, rahu is a polymorphous / having many faces ( bahurupi ).

This nature of rahu is positive as well as negative for an individual. Rahu has a psychic ability to read people and so he can use this power in his favor by aligning himself with the person for influence and get the things done in his favor. This is why rahu Pradhan people ( rahu dominate people ) are the richest people in the world, because they know the correct time of hitting their hammer.  

The negative traits of rahu having polymorphous / having many faces ( bahurupi ) is their cheating abilities. This quality of polymorphous create cheating nature and thus they use their good quality of reading people, to cheat them. They are big liar as they will lie with so perfection that no one can catch them, when rahu is negative.


Rahu believes in materialistic pleasure and so he doesn’t like to work hard. Rahu will always go for short cuts or try to find out a short cut for every task / event.

Rahu mahadasha for career has a great impact because of its shorts cut nature, which gives success as well as great failures also and it all depend on how rahu is acting that horoscope.

The influence of short cut nature is so strong on a person that they will skip one step while climbing up staircase of a building.

People often get trapped in getting success in short cut way. They tend to get inclined towards project which will give them return in very short periods and so they invest in that and make huge loss in their life. ( profit is also seen if rahu is very positive )


Rahu is an illusionist and will influence or drag an individual to experience it. It will drag an individual to experience an illusion which in reality doesn’t exist be it negative or ecstasy.

It will keep a person worrying about a thing which is not real ( a self-created disguised ghost ).

The illusion of ecstasy can drag a person into bad habits alcohol, smoking etc etc etc.

Rahu is very greedy in nature and so it will try its best to get the thing by any mean, be it by hook or crook.

This nature of rahu will influence a person to go after an event which is not possible for an individual by easy and correct / right means and drag the individual to take wrong step for acquiring it. Rahu is not bothered about the consequences of that action, his job is to give the things, by right or wrong / unethical means.  


Because of this greedy nature of Rahu for enjoying materialistic pleasure and short cut finding nature actually demotivate a person from study and therefore a person cannot correctly concentrate himself for study. This is the reason why most astrologers says that rahu mahadasa is not good for education.


The health during Rahu mahadasha is of concern as it is seen that medical diagnosis doesn’t yield good result. Doctor remains baffled / confused about their patients as diagnosis doesn’t detect the real cause of the disease. After repetitive tests only the doctor will be able to find the real cause.

Rahu dasa will give its result according to the placement of Rahu with other planets in a vedic horoscope. So the effect will differ from person to person. It is not that rahu mahadasha will only give negative results, No no no absolutely not.

The aim is to make a person realize about rahu and help himself to have changed and better impact of rahu in its ruling period and enjoy life.

But as discussed above is in general, the effect remains more or less the same if seen the general effect of Rahu mahadasha.


I do not like telling people to go and feed street dogs to pacify rahu because understanding rahu and self-realization is biggest remedy according to me. If a person do not have self-realization and feed street dogs every day, will not be benefited from the pain of rahu.