twins birth astrology - twins horoscope analysis

In order to learn about twins birth astrology one need to understand the basics first and according to vedic astrology the personality of a person is decided by the position of the planet and the moon sign which depict the nature of the person.

The nature of the person depicted by the position of the moon also gets modified as per the effect of the other planets on the moon due to association or aspects etc.

The same is applicable for the ascendant also which depict the physical layout gives an appearance of our personality.

This was one part of the twins birth astrology understanding and in the next part one will understand about the impact of the small time difference.

Before understanding about twins birth prediction, one need to learn that our personality also depend on our destiny as per our horoscope. According to KP vedic astrology, a small minimum 2 minutes difference the twins will produce two different personalities.

It is the sublord as per KP Vedic astrology, of the houses which decides our faith / destiny and character. The signification of the sublord signified in the horoscope shows the events of that house that is going to happen when they get activated as per the ruling period of mahadasha and its sub periods ( antardasha, pratiantardasha, prandasha ).

According to KP vedic astrology the smallest time in which a SUBLORD CAN CHANGE IS 2 MINUTES. This sublord decide the destiny and events of that house in the horoscope / kundli.

If a sublord of a cusp signify good and supporting houses for an event then the native will experience positive results of that cusp for that event BUT THAT SAME CUSP MAY GIVE NEGATIVE RESULT EFFECT IF SOME OTHER PLANET BECOME THE SUBLORD IN DIFFERENT TIME ( may be 2 minutes difference ) AND SIGNIFYING BAD RESULTS AND NON SUPPORTING HOUSES FOR THAT SAME EVENT.

For example if in a twins horoscope, if one of the twin has his 4th house sublord showing negative houses connection then the native will be poor in his studies and if the other of the twin has positive house connections then he would be good in studies.

Because of the smallest difference of two minutes time the nature of the planet changes and as it is in transit, the planets in continuous motion and so the smallest change in position of planet with respect to time ( minimum 2 minutes ) will give different impact as it will signify different houses results.

For Twins horoscope analysis one can take example of twin brother Steve Waugh and Mark Waugh, famous Australian cricket legend.

Now Steve Waugh has started his career in 1985—2004. He is associated with some charity programs in Kolkata. He played 168 Tests and 325 ODIs. Steve Waugh captained for Australian national cricket team. Where as Mark has started his career in 1988—2002. He is not associated with any charity programs in India. He played 128 Tests and 244 ODIs. Mark didn’t captained for Australian national cricket team.

Although they look alike but their destiny is different and so is their nature, temperament, likings, emotions and their over all personality.

There are many such astrology twins birthchart examples where not both the twins have same destiny which readers may come across in their society, one rich and other moderate, one alive and other dead, one engineer and other worker in company etc etc etc.

So as per KP astrology it is clearly seen that how CORRECT BIRTH TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT AS 2 MINUTES DIFFERENCE MAY GIVE DIFFERENT DESTINY in Twins astrology chart.