is wearing gemstone helpful - how do gemstone work


The answer to the question is thru a question, HOW HELPFUL IS A CAR. It all depend on the driver who is driving that car.

If the person is a cool driver then he will get safe ride, if the person is a rash driver then he can meet with accidents.

If the person drive towards a holy place, he will find temples, churches, gurudwaras, masjids etc.

If the person drive towards jungle, he will meet with tigers, lions, elephants, bear, foxes etc.

If the person drive the car in cemetery he will see the burials and deads.

The function of the CAR IS TO RUN AND IT WILL DO SO. IT’S UPTO US TO CHOOSE THE DESTINATION. The car will take us to the direction we choose.

It is the same way how we do our KARMA. If we wear a gemstones ring and do good KARMA then we will get good results and if we do bad KARMA then we will get bad results. THE GEMSTONE IS THE CAR.


Generally people do not understand the astrological remedy well. They think that by wearing a gemstone, things will start working automatically for him / her and he need not bother about his KARMA ( the actions ).


The benefits of wearing a gemstones goes hand in hand with one’s KARMAS. It is something like the doctors gives us medicines for our illness and ALSO tell us to eat certain food and do exercise. They also tell us what to avoid and not to do.

It is not that medicine will take of everything, NO NO NO it is to be also supported by our supplementary actions.

For example a person suffering from diabetic ( sugar related disease )  taking medicines of diabetic daily BUT BUT BUT eats lots of sweets in different form daily will not help the person in controlling his diabetic sugar level.

In following astrological remedies also like wearing gemstone, one also need to do some good karmas in order to supplementary support the action of the gemstones and let it deliver it good results.


Gemstones are also like disc antennas catching the frequency / cosmic and solar energy of that specific planet they are for. For example Yellow Sapphire catches the frequency of the Jupiter, Blue Sapphire catches the frequency of the Saturn, Ruby catches the frequency of the Sun etc etc.


It is like a doctor after diagnosing the disease and its cause, recommend the medicine for healing.

An astrologer also after studying the horoscope decides, which is the planet that can give the best results for that horoscope recommend the gemstone for that planet to wear it. There are many parameters to check and only a person who have astrological knowledge of the subject can know it.

In astrology there are different sutras / methods to decide which planet need external boost thru gemstone to give extra power.

 Sometimes the gemstone is used to minimize the negativities of the malefic planets of that horoscope which is give problems to the native.

Sometime the gemstone is used to boost the positivity of a planet to get more better results during its good period.

Sometime the gemstone is used to repair and strengthen the houses to get its effect as the malefic planet in that house has blocked the results of that house.

For an event if there is some hurdles due to negative planets then the karka / signaficator planet of that event is used in form of gemstone as remedy.

The gemstones are mainly worn in a ring and sometime in locket / pendent form also and the benefits of wearing a gemstone is not only astrological but also from healing aspect of our chakras.