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Subir Pal is one of the uncommon new age, best Indian astrologer in South Africa who is knowledgeable, exceptionally qualified, technically knowledgeable, broadly voyaged, clear with a sensible twisted of brain and who is one of the quickest developing worldwide brands in the field of Indian vedic Astrology and standout among the most looked for best Indian astrologer in South Africa today.

Broadly and additionally globally he is perceived as a notable best vedic astrologer today for his spotless approach towards vedic astrology as he does not support superstitions in any way and never misdirects his clients for the sake of supposed outlandish cures like numerous other fake or purported celestial prophets do in a request to make high monetary profits and thus loved by the people as the best Indian astrologer in South Africa.

Vedic astrologer Subir Pal has made a considerable study on various numbers of
horoscope books and developed significant expertise into it. He benefited
thousands of people with his acute, correct, and wise horoscope predictions. He
has also earned limelight in providing best vedic astro-counseling to people in
a composed manner and responding to astrological queries to helped people to
find the most appropriate and relevant solution to their problems which made
their life miserable. Looking for the best answer to your questions? Ask
questions and get to know reliable astrologer answers from 
best Indian astrologer in South Africa.  

 Vedic astrologer in South Africa

A Mumbai based vedic astrologer from India is among the most reputed and best vedic astrologer in India. From past 23 years he has been practicing KP vedic astrology with great success and has acquired the name among best vedic  astrologer in South Africa. He is also considered as best Indian vedic astrologer in Durban.

Beside his Astrology qualifications, Subir Pal is also BSc in Chemistry, P.G in Textile Chemistry and has completed his MBA in Marketing.

With deep knowledge and expertise in astrological matters, vedic astrologer Subir Pal has benefited thousands of people coming from different backgrounds, be it business owners or common people. The remarkable thing about his predictive astrology is that his forecast bears close reality of future outcomes, with solutions fated to bless your life with restored peace and wellbeing. In recognition of his great service made in the field of astrology and assistance provided to numerous people he has become one among the best vedic astrologer in South Africa.


He is a reputed vedic astrologer among best astrologer in South Africa, capable to provide you all type of vedic astrological solutions for your life problems. Be it about the love marriage, career choice, business issues, family issues or any other problem related to the aspect of your life, his astrologer will quickly be able to relate everything and harmonize it with one of the astrological ways. He is known all over the world for his excellence and easy solutions in the world of astrology and is globally recognized for offering top astrology services in South Africa.


His astrological guidance helped many people in South Africa and many from these places like  Eastern Cape – Alice, East London, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown.

Free State – Bethlehem, Bloefontein,  Kroonstad, Sasolburg, Virginia, welkom.

Gauteng – Benoni, Carletonville, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Randburg, Springs

KwaZulu Natal – Durban, Newcastel, Pinetown, Ulundi

Limpopo – Giyani, Musina, Sibasa,

North west – Rustenburg

Northern Cape

Western Cape – Bellville, cape Town, Constantia, George, Hopefield, Paarl, Worcester

Got very much benefitted from his astrological guidance.

Apart from South Africa, Subir Pal have clients all over the world and people contact him for their predictions as per Indian vedic astrology from various countries like USA , UK , Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore,  Asian countries, European countries etc.

Connect with Indian vedic astrologer in Durban an online best astrologer in south Africa

When life becomes tough and nothing comes your way, it’s all negative happening with you, and you miss out luck, you cannot achieve your goal, facing problem after problems. It is the time when you should consult an astrologer and seek his guidance and get back your life on the track of happiness again. You will definitely bless the astrologer for his guidance as he being the best Indian vedic astrologer in Durban is also an online Indian astrologer in India.

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Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar
11. October, 2022.
I can vouch that he knows the subject and has a good hold . He can analyse the things in detail and suggest you the remedies also .
Barnik Saha Roy
Barnik Saha Roy
6. October, 2022.
I have been into the habit of taking astrological consultation in multiple times in my life. All of them has asked for specific questions for preparing the replies. But For the first time, I have experienced such person who had narrated whole story of my life just by mere loking into my chart and the recent problems that i am passing by. Hats off to you Sir and your predictions. You are truly a gem of gem in this field. I would request everyone who are planning for some consultation to contact Subir Sir and get a clear image of the happenings of life and probable ways to come out from the tough time.
krishna sumanth
krishna sumanth
4. October, 2022.
Subir sir has vast knowledge on KP system. I consulted for my sister son chart. The way he explained the chart is amazing and mindblowing. I recommend every body should take astrology chart reading from him. He is very humble and down to earth person.
24. September, 2022.
Subir Sir Astrology guidance is perfect. One can really rely on him with his experience and accuracy. I thank him for the guidance and trust him. God bless. Best wishes.🙏
vinay talekar
vinay talekar
11. September, 2022.
One of the Perfect astrologer and very correct predicated .A friendly nature and also gives you time for your questions asked .Also properly guided for future . All all Doubts cleared .And also gives New Hopes in future life .
Vikram Wadhwani
Vikram Wadhwani
11. September, 2022.
One stop solution. All questions are answered even before asking questions. Highly knowledgeable and recommended.
Nikhil Ranjan
Nikhil Ranjan
4. September, 2022.
Excellent analysis and predictions .
Abhijeet Sable
Abhijeet Sable
3. September, 2022.
Mr. Subir Pal is very knowledgeable and passionate about astrology. Before even asking me my birth details, he amazed me by telling some things about me which only I knew and predicted most of the questions which I was going to ask him. He satisfactorily answered all my questions and cleared my confusion & doubts. He also shared some of his life experiences with a lesson in the end. Blessed by his guidance and positivity. I definitely met the right astrologer and mentor at the right time.
Abhishek Mukherjee
Abhishek Mukherjee
26. August, 2022.
One of the best astrologer I’ve ever spoken to. Straight to the point, professional and a very good problem solver. Fully satisfied after our phone session.