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Subir Pal a Mumbai based vedic astrologer in India, practicing KP vedic astrology from past 23 years successfully, has been able to give smiles of the face of his clients around the world to the people of many countries.

Today he is among the best astrologer in Kolkata and also considered as one among famous astrologer in Kolkata. As he has vast knowledge of vedic astrology is also been best vedic astrologer in Kolkata, as he has consulted many and there have been many who consulted him, came thru other’s reference who have consulted him before and had a very satisfied experience.

His prediction on diverse issues have been very helpful to thousands of people who have consulted him and had his guidance and advice on their matters and making their lives better, as he is being the best astrologer in Kolkata and also a best kolkata astrologer.


Subir Pal is one among best astrologer in Kolkata is a person who has given a definite way to solve the astrological problem after studying the issues deeply with respect to vedic astrology . There are very many people who believe in astrology, and they have come to know about the famous astrologer in Kolkata who happens to be also among best astrologer in India.

Kolkata best known as city of joy, also have people having problems and some are eager to know about their future. A popular kolkata astrologer, who gave his vedic astrological predictions related to different walks of our life to his clients around the world and people found it very much helpful in understanding their issues and solving them by astrological guidance.


Life is a series of good events and bad events. But when someone is faced with a regular series of unfortunate events, it is suspected that maybe there is something wrong with the person’s birth charts and planetary positions. But there’s nothing to worry about it. As long as you consult an experienced vedic astrologer who has the required knowledge and experience to help you out.

Subir Pal, who has proved time and time again that he is indeed the very best astrologer of Kolkata. If you are facing any issues related to your married life, business losses, career hindrances, feel free to get in touch with this extremely reputed best astrologer in Kolkata also known as Kolkata astrologer a best astrologer near me, can also have online astrology consultancy.

best astrologer in Kolkata Quora

Astrologer Subir Pal is one among the best astrologer in Quora as he has more than thousands of astrologicals articles and horoscope / kundli analysis written by him on Quora. Many people after reading his articles come to him for astrological consultation for them.

Today he is  regarded as among the best astrologer in Kolkata Quora and top astrologer in Kolkata because of his vast experience in vedic astrology.

vashikaran specialist in Kolkata

The predictions done thru KP vedic astrology is so accurate that one many feel that astrologer Subir Pal is a vashikaran specialist in Kolkata or he has some power as a black magic specialist in Kolkata as the accuracy of the KP vedic astrology is so accurate that people tend to think that way.

Subir Pal is among some genuine astrologer in Kolkata who is has an experience of more than 23 years in practicing KP vedic astrology consultation. Many people from west Bengal got benefitted from his astrological guidance. He is regarded as best astrologer in Salt lake Kolkata as many people found his simple astrological guidance very useful to overcome their difficulties in their life.

best astrologer in Kalighat Kolkata

In whole of the West Bengal vedic astrologer Subir Pal has a good reputation of being the best jyotish in Kolkata INR and people also consider him as one among the best astrologer in Kalighat Kolkata because he has helped many people in overcoming their problems of their life in different sectors with his very simple astrological guidance which is very easy for a regular person to perform.

Maa Tara tarapith


Tarapith is a Hindu temple town near Rampurhat in Birbhum district of the Indian state of West Bengal, known for its Tantric temple and its adjoining cremation (Maha Shashan) grounds where sādhanā (tantric rituals) are performed.


The Tantric Hindu temple is dedicated to the goddess Tara, a fearsome Tantric aspect of the Devi, the chief temples of Shaktism. Tarapith derives its name from

its association as the most important centre of Tara worship and her cult.


Tarapith is also famous for Sadhak Bamakhepa, known as the avadhuta or “mad saint”, who worshipped in the temple and resided in the cremation grounds as a mendicant and practised and perfected yoga and the tantric arts under the tutelage of another famous saint, Kailashpathi Baba. Bamakhepa dedicated his entire life to the worship of Tara Maa. His ashram is also located in bank of Dwaraka river and close to the Tara temple.


The temple and Deity Tara Maa is widely known, and Tarapith is reputed to be a very powerful center of goddess worship. The hymns sung there, the powers of the nearby tank, and the inhabitants and rituals of the adjacent cremation ground combine to give a good picture of Tara worship.

There are two mythical traditions that tell of the origin of the Tarapith temple. The first is the story about the sage Vasistha. The second concerns the well-known story of the dismemberment of Sati’s corpse and the establishment of the s’akta pithas (“seats of sakti.” places sacred to goddesses) throughout

India. Wherever a piece of her body fell, a center of goddess worship was established. According to the Tarapith myth, Sati’s third, or spiritual, eye fell to earth at the place where the temple is now located. It was this sacred pith a that the Buddha saw with his mystical vision and to which he directed Vasistha. These two mythical traditions, then, combine to associate the temple with the Satl myth, and hence an all-India goddess network, and with left-handed tantric worship brought from the north, the source of Buddhist Tara worship.
Here is where the Bengali saint Bamakhepa (or Vamakhepa in Sanskrit) (1843-1911) lived and undertook his spiritual exercises for several decades prior to his death. Indeed, he behaved like a lunatic, which is often said to be one of the marks of a saint. Legend says that, after Bamakhepa had been meditating on Tara for a long time in the cremation ground, surrounded by corpses, funeral pyres, and jackals,Tara appeared to him in a burst of flames in her dreadful form. Tara’s appearance and habits initially seem to be almost totally terrifying and fearsome, she has a gentler side. She is a savior who takes special care of her devotees, and in this respect she reflects the personality of the gentle Tara Maa.

 Best astrologer in Kolkata and the vashikaran specialist in Kolkata do worship Maa Tara as She her powerful blessing will enhance the black magic specialist in Kolkata to perform his work in better and best way.

Best tantik of Tarapith are those who performed his penance to gain knowledge of black magic for the cremation ground of Maa Tarapith.

Many sadhak who wants to learn tantric sadhana, goes to Tarapith and under the guidance of a good Guru, learn it. Most powerful and genuine tantrik in Kolkata also come from the land of Tarapith.

Best astrologer in kalighat Kolkata who happen to also be a tantrik astrologer in Kolkata do visit Tarapith for the blessing of Maa Tara as her blessing will always give divine power to the native to deal with ordinary life issues of human being.

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Nayan Bhanushali
Nayan Bhanushali
26. August, 2023.
True guidance and consultation
Anubhuti Parija
Anubhuti Parija
8. August, 2023.
Sir was detailed in analysis. He gave a proper analysis and remedies. I hope and I wish all his prediction come true
gk mudali
gk mudali
18. June, 2023.
I have consulted with Subir palji. His advice was scientific and logical. Iam 100% satisfied with his predictions and remedies he recommended. Thanks & best wishes to him
vaibhav thakkar
vaibhav thakkar
17. June, 2023.
The astrological consultation was excellent. Highly recommended for anyone looking for astrological advise
Arvind Agarwal
Arvind Agarwal
14. June, 2023.
One of the Best Astrologer with whom I have Consulted till know. Apart from astrologer he reads one intuition too.
Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur
12. June, 2023.
Thank you for the elaborate reading Sir. Sir gave a lot of time for my queries and answered very patiently and extensively. Also thank you for explaining everything with examples and logic. It was a very positive experience as you guided well with a lot of moral support and positivity.
Abhijeet S
Abhijeet S
6. June, 2023.
He is very knowledgeable and will tell you both good and bad aspects of horoscope with practical solutions.
4. June, 2023.
Bharat Choudhary
Bharat Choudhary
23. March, 2023.
Correct prediction with 98% accuracy and logical answers with concrete remediy with the querry posed. Vast knowledge of the planets and its effect on our life.