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There are many types of problems that a person has to deal with in his every day life and sometimes people cannot solve their problems leads to frustration and disappointment in their life and these many a time create health issues also.

Subir Pal best Indian astrologer in Singapore is a vedic astrologer well know among the best vedic astrologer in India, is a person who can give a definite guidance and guide us to deal with our issues of the astrological problem.

He provides the most precise guidance to help you to understand the nature of the problems that you are facing in your life and then the ways to overcome it thru the astrological guidance.


Astrologer Subir Pal a Mumbai ( India ) based Indian vedic astrologer continues to gain knowledge in the field of future predictions, horoscope predictions, and horoscope reading in Singapore for past 23 years is now a best vedic astrologer in Singapore.

Beside his Astrology qualifications, Subir Pal is also BSc in Chemistry, P.G in Textile Chemistry and MBA in marketing.

Vedic astrologer Subir Pal, the best Indian astrologer, paving smoothen ways to make everything easy in one’s life with his vedic astrological guidance.

Subir Pal vedic astrologer is not a new name in the astrology world in India, a famous name started offering his vedic astrology services to the people in the best ways to win over the hurdles in their life.

Best vedic astrologer in Singapore is residing and offering his services from Mumbai ( India ), has been into the domain of vedic astrology for last many years guiding people for their marriage issues, job, finance, health, going abroad etc etc.
With years of experiences, proven track record and dedication, he has achieved high command over spiritual healing techniques of vedic astrology.
His experience in the ancestry art of vedic astrology in horoscope reading has made him famous and a top name amid many celebrated people across the world as best vedic astrologer in the world.


Subir pal a good indian astrologer in Singapore has gained ever-increasing popularity and attained, remarkable position in almost all the areas and prospects of vedic astrology. To find a good indian astrologer in Singapore , do not waste your time, directly contact Astrologer Subir Pal today because he has proven with his knowledge and vedic astrological expertise that he is the master in the field of vedic astrology and regarded as the best astrologer in Singapore.


He has helped countless people with accurate astrological predictions for the problems that they have been continuously facing in their lives. He even helped with his guidance to the needy people were disturbed by the planetary movements of the malefic planets and solved their astrological problems in a short span of time.

This is the reason he has gained the status of being known as the best astrologer in Singapore. If you are suffering from any kind of astrological issues and may be dealing with any aspects of life related problems, then you should also seek the help of the best Indian astrologer in Singapore.


Vedic astrologer Subir Pal is an expert Indian vedic astrologer and can guide you in many aspects, be it about love marriage, career choice, business issues, family issues, educations, health, finance or any other problems related to the aspect of one’s life. He is the best astrologer near me ( you ) as an astrologer in Singapore.

His vedic astrology guidance will quickly be able to relate everything and harmonize it with one of the astrological ways. He is known all over the world for his excellence and simple and easy vedic astrological guidance in the world of astrology and is globally recognized for offering top astrological services in Singapore and many other countries.

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John Panozzo
John Panozzo
11. January, 2024.
Mr Subir is a truly unique Vedic astrologer residing in Mumbai, India. With 28 years of experience his readings specify and emphasize the work which needs to be done to achieve the results we wish. It is for those of serious intent. I am impressed by his accuracy and unhesitatingly recommend his service.
ankita burli
ankita burli
7. January, 2024.
Sharda Nandan
Sharda Nandan
29. December, 2023.
Precise in letting me aware of my Problems before even I shared. Authentic and tailored advice. Highly recommend for those who seek Professional unbiased truth and solutions, especially when you have consulted many and before Giving up faith in astrology. Consider consulting to rewind your Faith.
ramasubramani sudhakar varadharajan
ramasubramani sudhakar varadharajan
8. December, 2023.
Subir Ji is a very thorough professional, not only he confirmed the past events and gave a future prediction, he clearly listed out the necessary corrective actions to make things better. Jai Sairam
Supratik Pal
Supratik Pal
26. November, 2023.
I came across Subir Sir on Youtube and then visited his website, following which I scheduled a consultation with him. I have to say he is one the most down to earth and genuine persons I have come across among many astrologers that I have consulted. He makes it a point to highlight all the aspects of life which are important for a person and the best part is he categorically specifies the remedies which needs to be done to counter the negative aspects which one may have in his horoscope. He also listens to the questions of his client and answers them in a way which the client can understand and follow. His gemstone recommendations are also top notch. Overall I highly recommend him for anyone looking to have a complete birthchart analysis session.
Ankit Savla
Ankit Savla
11. November, 2023.
Mr Pal is extremely professional and narrates your horoscope in a very simple and easy format. Initially I was a bit anxious but as the session proceeded I was at peace. He gave some of the best advice as a counselor which was honest and direct. The more transparent I became the better he was able to help me. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna
25. October, 2023.
Very knowledgeable and practical suggestions for all questions and issues. Friendly way and felt like a family head giving us way forward steps for our destiny.
Nayan Bhanushali
Nayan Bhanushali
26. August, 2023.
True guidance and consultation