Hasta (160°00′ to 173°20′ Virgo)

Hasta nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Purity of thought and deed as well as self-control, active habits, full of resources.  

Translation: The hand 

Symbol: A hand – open hand blessing humanity.

Animal Symbol: Female Buffalo  

Ruling Planet: Moon

Nature: Deva (god-like)  

Presiding deity: Savitar – the sun god who imparts creative and transforming energy.  


Favorable: Creative; pleasant; humorous; skilled in the arts; charming; practical; attractive; wealth late in life; many relationships; generous; unattached; intelligent; persuasive; cordial; weighs their words to avoid expressing anger; self-motivated; in control; focused on acquisition; good at defending and promoting their own interests; understands the value of social rituals and courtesies; skilled in providing service; thick-skinned; takes advantage of opportunities in new areas or in foreign lands; dexterous; determined; industrious worker; easily changes.  


Unfavorable: Likes competition and conflicts; restless – want spiritual experiences; changeable; con artist; self interest; emotionally unsettled; need to control lower self; unabashed; mistrustful; overindulgence in pleasuring themselves; nasty; mechanical in dealing with those who provide them no advantage; abuse of drugs; controlling; alcohol; and/or food to cope; critical when under stress; suppressed; health issues.


In the astrology chart, Hasta resides completely  in the sign of virgo. The word Hasta translates as “the hand” and signifies all activities performed with the hands. Those born under this star are industrious, intelligent and reasonable. The nakshatra also symbolizes agreements and greeting as represented by the hand shake. The ruling deity Savitar, an aspect of sun is jovial and carefree. Savitar gives the ability to use the hands in skilled, craft or cunning manner. They can also be used for trickery and gambling. Savitar has power to give life so Hasta can be associated with childbirth and establishing a family. Hasta is an optimistic star with an amazing capacity to create. Those born under this nakshatra have the ability to manifest an object of desire in their hands.