Krittika (26°40′ to 30°00′Aries & 30°00′ to 40°00′ Taurus)

krittika nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Determined and tenacious will to achieve greatness; sharp; cutting and penetrating by nature. 
Translation: The Cutter 

Symbol: Axe, sharp edge, or flame, razor 

Animal Symbol: Female Sheep  

Ruling Planet: Sun  

Nature: Rakshasa (demon)  

Presiding deity: Agni – the god of fire  


Favorable: Famous within their group; handsome appearance; self motivated; determined achiever; materialistic – acquires many possessions; bright; strong appetites – likes food; goal oriented; goes for what they want; dignified; takes pride in what they do; good leader; honors commitments; confident; courageous; straightforward; peaceful nature; ambitious.  


Unfavorable: Unstable mind; changeable; vacillating; stubborn; dissatisfied; impatient; responds too strongly to challenges; sets goals or expectations too high; burns out their health by constant activity; nervous; excitable; aggressive; passive-aggressive; fighting nature; difficulties with food and eating; gluttonous; motivated by desire; child-like nature.  

Krittika is also represented by the element of fire as the presiding deity is Agni, the god of fire. Those born under this star are combative with a fiery disposition. The Sun is the ruling planet, which also signifies fire and at the highest level, purification. Krittika natives have an adventurous spirit and are constantly looking to fuel their fire with new information and experiences. Physical activity and an energetic demeanor are characteristic of those born under this nakshatra. Kartikeya (Muruga), who was raised by the six (the stars of Pleiades) of the six sages, is also associated with Krittika. There is a nurturing quality to this star, which is often hidden behind a tough exterior.Those born under this nakshatra are commonly involved with teaching or universities. They may have a sharp tongue and dislike imperfection, yet they have amazing will power, independence and the capacity to support others. This is a star of courage, awareness and purification.