Uttarashada (266°40′ to 270°00′ Sagittarius to 270°00′ to 280°00′ Capricorn)

Uttarashada nakshatra

Uttarashada Nakshatra

General Characteristics: a quest for the spiritual unknown, total involvement in any task and penetrate deeply into some aspect of knowledge. Obedient, learned in the rules of virtue, grateful, many friends, return favors, liked.  

Translation: Later victory. 

Symbol: Elephant’s tusk; the planks of a bed – a bed. Animal Symbol: Male Mongoose  

Ruling Planet: Sun  

Nature: Manushya (human)  

Presiding deity: Vishvadevas the sons of the god Dharma.  


Favorable: Virtuous; intelligent; fun-loving; leadership qualities – good politicians; well-liked; devoted to friends – can relate to others; grateful; idealistic with high goals; kind; modest; has some knowledge that sets them apart; interested in learning and advocating topics that concern them; enjoys reading to gain knowledge; benefits through travels; tolerant; wants fair play and justice; sympathetic ear; devoted to companions; good manners; leadership skills; appreciative of others.  


Unfavorable: Multiple marriages or marriage like relationships; overly anxious; takes on too many people’s problems and gets stressed out; obstinate; self centered; self indulgent; too long in a destructive relationship; changes residence many times; early adversity in life; constantly active; apathetic; fails to complete what they start.  

In the night sky, Uttarashada is visible as the stars Sigma, Tau, Phi, Zeta Sagittarii. These are the brightest stars in the breast of the archer. Uttarashada is a star of deep integrity and concern for humanity. The deities of this star, the ten Vishvadevas, are the gods of dharma. Thus, a person born under this star may have noble aspirations and an optimistic outlook on life. Uttarashada supports leadership, achievement and a commitment to duty. They must be careful not to overextend themselves or become obsessed with constant stimulation. This star is associated with great respect for tradition and a practical approach to beginning new ventures.