Vishaka (200°00′ to 210°00′ Libra to 210°00′ to 213°20′ Scorpio)

Vishaka nakshatra

Vishaka Nakshatra

General Characteristics: energy strength and potential power, bright in appearance, distinct in speaking, skilled at making money.  

Symbol: A large tree with spreading branches giving protection to others, potters wheel, a decorated gateway used for marriage ceremonies.  

Translation: Enter the heavens 

Animal Symbol: Male Tiger  

Ruling Planet: Jupiter  

Nature: Rakshasa (demon)  

Presiding deity: Indra – the god of transformation and Agni the god of fire. 


Favorable: Intelligence of the highest order; bright appearance; attracts others; clever; has respect for intelligent and spiritual people; enterprising; self-satisfied; determined; gets things done; humanitarian; politically inclined; can appear soft but is very powerful underneath; excellent communicator; persuasive speech; leadership qualities; truthful; sexually alluring; a good mate in marriage; benefits through marriage; traveling and through change; mathematical talent; courageous; powerful achiever.  


Unfavorable: Overly talkative; negative; militant; creates quarrels between people; restless; covetous of other’s success; feels isolated; critical of others; fault finding; infidelity; too much ambition – spread too thin; manipulate others to meet their own needs; socially isolated; not open to advice; offensive; stingy; not easy to like; greedy; deceitful; aggressive; domineering; quick to take offense; argumentative; jealous; frustration and anger when goals impeded; suspicious; possessive; envious; feels suppressed and taken advantage of by others; too many interests; not satisfied by accomplishments; restlessness – change partners 


In astrology, Vishaka bridges the sign of libra and scorpio. It is referred to as a nakshatra for purpose because it gives determination and single – point focus. People born under Vishaka nakshatra often find themselves at a crossroads. Once they choose a direction, they have ambition along with their patience to succeed even if success arrives later in life. This star fuels competition and also gives excellent leadership abilities. Vishaka is a combination of its ruling deities, the mighty Indra and the purifying Agni. Thus people born under Vishaka have passionate and courageous warrior energy.