Ardra (66°40′ to 80°00′ Gemini)

ardra nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity – deep feeling along with passionate thinking – motivated by desire.  

Translation: The moist one  

Symbol: The human head  

Animal Symbol: Female  

Ruling Planet: Rahu  

Nature: Manushya (human)  

Presiding deity: Rudra the god of the storm and destruction  


Favorable: Curious mind; hunger for knowledge; quick in action; good memory; prefers physical work or work involving the body; good at getting support from the government or authorities; great communicator; truthful; have a transformative point in life at which point they drop many of their bad traits; compassionate towards those in pain.  


Unfavorable: Arrogant; abuses power; lusts after material attainments; ungrateful; mischievous; reckless; physically oriented jobs; anti-social; mean streak causes pain to others; self-serving; dishonest; stubborn; critical; impolite; untruthful; poor financial planning; excessive indulgences; cause pain or agony to others; violent; complaining. 


This nakshtra is represented by a teardrop, which can symbolize both sorrrow and renewal. Those born under ardra usualy go through tense lesson to clear old patterns and gain new understanding. The ruling deity is Rudra, the God of storms. He is a destructive aspect of shiva who brings chaos and confusion. Rahu, the ruling planet of Ardra, also bring disorder and thirst for knowledge. Those born under this nakshatra have an investigative mind and are oriented towards research. They are not afraid to voice opinions or use intimidation. The highest level of Ardra is transformation through cleansing. This is an extremely sensitive star that links mental ability to emotion.