Punarvasu (80° 00′ to 90°00′ Gemini & 90°00′ to 93°20′ Cancer)

punarvasu nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Intellectual and spiritual wisdom, material prosperity, good natured, quiet, patient, devout, lives in comfort.  

Translation: Good Again  

Symbol: Bow and a quiver of arrows  

Animal Symbol: Female Cat – sensitivity and need for independence  

Ruling Planet: Jupiter  

Nature: Deva (god-like)  

Presiding deity: Aditi tends the ground on which healthy seeds can bear fruit. Earth Goddess  


Favorable: Caring; loving; nurturing; easily contented; friendly good natured; simplistic life; lives in the moment; generous; shares with others; religious inclinations; interested in spiritual writings and philosophies; potential in the communications field – can be good writers and inspiring speakers; profound imagination; purifies self to make spiritual progress; ability to connect with others; successful projects.


Unfavorable: Simplistic approach to life interpreted as a lack of intelligence; lack of material drive due to focus on spirituality; lack of foresight gets them into complications including frequent moving; unstable relationships; and multiple jobs/careers; fickle nature; indecisive; frequently ill; critical; over intellectualize life; gets bored too easily in life. 


In astrology punarvasu extends from zodiac sign of Gemini into the sign of cancer. “Punar” means repeat and “vasu” means rays of light, thus punarvasu translates a “becoming light again.” The symbol for this nakshatra is a quiver of arrow, which is associated with the ability to strive toward a desire or ambition. Punarvasu brings harmony after the chaos of the storm. There is a sense of renewing creative pursuits and beginning with fresh new idea. The ruling deity is Aditi, the goddess of abundance and the mother of all godly beings. Aditi gives a sensitive and nurturing quality to this nakshatra. Jupiter is the ruling planet and bestows optimism and an interest in higher learning. Punarvasu is a star of accommodation and people born under this nakshatra are often home bodies with a strong sense of safety.