Ashwini  (0°00′ – 13°20′ Aries)

Ashwini nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Good looking appearance; gentle personable manners; intelligent; skilled in work

Translation: Possessing horses, the horsewoman 

Symbol: A horse’s head

Animal Symbol: A male horse

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Nature: Deva (god-like)

Presiding deity – Ashvini Kumaras, the golden armored horse headed twins of ancient Vedic lore who performed many miracles as physicians of the celestial gods.

Favorable: Competent worker who performs above average on the job; intelligent; self sufficient; natural healer; helps others; moderate habits; dresses well; good finances; attractive; powerful; intuitive; idealistic; spiritually inclined; adventurous; independent; strong; powerful; charming; playful nature; nurturer; traveler; loves family.


Unfavorable: Hastiness in action compromises efficiency; impulsiveness; desire to pursue new experiences in life causes a weakness in finishing things; aggressive; stubborn; wants to do things their own way; disappointed when things do not go as planned; dissatisfied; arrogant; lack of mental quietude; over passionate.


The Ashwini Kumaras have a youthful appearance and bestow this ageless presence along with a charming innocence to those born under Ashwini. The symbol for this star is a horse’s head, which signifies power, dignity and swiftness. As the first star in the cycle of the nakshatras, Ashwini carries the energy of beginnings. Those born under Ashwini hold the ability to initiate or pioneer ideas and activities.

They must be cautious as not to begin something they cannot finish. Ashwini is known as the quickest of all nakshatras and behaves in a direct and to-the-point manner. Just like an untamed horse, they can be confident and independent but do not like to be told what to do. Ashwini gives focus to self-improvement and wants to feel unique among its peers. This is a spontaneous star with active intelligence and sincerity.