Revati (346°40′ to 360°00′ Pisces)

Revati nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Perfect limbs, genial manners, deep learning, riches, no desire to covet the property of others. 

Translation: The wealthy

Symbol: A drum.

Animal Symbol: Female elephant

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Nature: Deva (god like)

Presiding deity: Pushan – the nurturer protector of flocks and herds is invoked for safe travel.


Favorable: Creative thinker; independent; lucky; liked; supportive and gets supported; gifted in the arts; nurturer; promoted quickly; brave; skilled in pleasing; sociable; good counselor; proud; stately presence; sparkling personality; loves/protects animals and pets; longevity; well groomed; good hygiene; might be born into a wealthy family; interested in ancient cultures; selflessness; compassionate; caring.


Unfavorable: Spiteful especially when hurt or jealous; overindulgent; takes on too many problems from other people which may affect their health; amoral attitudes; doubt ridden; low fertility; gives too much and resentful when not returned; feels inadequate; lack of self-esteem; overly sensitive; stubborn; volatile; codependent; easily disillusioned; lack self confidence; victims; feel unloved; insecure.


The ruling deity, Pushan provide nourishment and has the ability to shine light on a person’s life. The star is associated with safe traveling and fruitful journeys. Revati means “the wealth” and is ruled by mercury. Lord Vishnu the ruler of mercury along with his consort Laxmi signifies wealth and prosperity.


People born under Revati nakshatra star are polite, charming and social. They have a refined nature and are always willing to offer support or a helping hand. Revati is one of the most optimistic and reverent nakshatra that has the capacity to see the big picture.